Wednesday, October 18, 2006

fast moving blues

I need a paper journal to record thoughts like these.

I can’t hold it together anymore. I realized that I am not working toward any goals, and I’m not accomplishing much of anything. I worry incessantly about things outside my control. I don’t do much about the things within my control.

I’m struggling. Not sure what to do about it. I want to run and keep on running. But I probably won’t.


Erin said...

I wish we lived closer so we could get together and talk this out...I so know what you mean. Sometimes life can be paralyzing.

cr8ive girl said...

I know we don't know one another but I can relate in a general sense. The best thing to remeber is every day is a fresh start, I know that is cliche' and all, but it is what you make it. Good luck to you!!!!

reva said...

I understand completely. I'm hugging you from far away and I'm pulling for you, I am.

penguinconqueso said...

I know you don't want to do this, and can prolly guess how little you would want to do it since I've been there, but have have you thought about going back on an antidepressant? Sometimes that'll be what puts the bottom back on your mental barrel.

We're heading to the temple on Saturday, I'll put your name in. See if you can spend more time at the temple, come to think of it. Sometimes the temple has been the only place that kept my mental wolves at bay. :/