Wednesday, January 24, 2007

birthday cake

I want to make this cake for my birthday:

I don't actually like to eat cake, but I love the way it looks and the traditional birthday feeling it gives you. So, great solution -- fake cake! I won't actually make it, because come on! All those ingredients and work for...a fake cake. But I'm going to file this in my someday file. Everyone should make a fake cake at least once in their lifetime.


Anonymous said...

You know, my wedding cake was fake, all except for the top layer. My aunt frosted some styrofoam pieces and did the fancy icing, then we topped those layers with fresh flowers. She made the top layer match and no one knew the difference. We served sheet cakes on plates!

And if you ever want a really killer cake, I'll send you my recipie for 4 layer chocolate heath bar's killer really.

nora lee said...

i like cake. real cake.