Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Please give me your advice!

Okay, so I need your advice, especially if you've had back trouble before. But even if you haven't, please leave me a comment if you have any advice.

So here's the deal. I hurt my back, so I got x-rays. The x-rays came back with nothing broken, but with something that "might" be a muscle spasm. So I feel like I need more information. I may or may not have a muscle spasm, or I may have something different going on. And if I do have a muscle spasm, what should I do about it?

Here's my dilemma. Worker's comp is paying the doctor bills because it happened at work. (And they are so lucky I'm not suing.) But according to worker's comp, I can only see one doctor. Once I've seen a doctor twice, I have to stick with that doctor. Stupid, but those are the rules. So I need to choose my next step carefully.

I went to my primary care doctor for the initial check, which gave me the kn0wledge that I "might" have a muscle spasm. So I can still see someone else. SO HERE'S WHERE I NEED ADVICE: who exactly should I see?

My chiropractor? I like her; she's pretty good. A few session w/ her might resolve things. But Dr. Pam has an aversion to any western medical practices, which doesn't sit well with me. I don't trust western medicine any more than I trust any other type of medicine, but I still like to consider it a possibility.

An osteopath? This seems like a more holistic approach, which sounds good to me. But I've never been to one, so I don't know if they'd be able to help my back.

My primary care? She may be able to refer me to physical therapy, which I've done in the past and liked. But who knows if she would refer me.

Another option I'm not thinking of?

Seriously folks. I need help. Advise me. What would you do if you had back pain and a possible muscle spasm? Thanks for your help!


AMY said...

Been there done that. Chiropractors help immediately but physical therapy is the best long term solution. I had so many problems a few years back and 8 weeks in there did the trick, plus it was fun and relaxing ( at least for me) I still have exercises that they taught me that I use today. I betcha your primary care would refer you if you make requests for that specific treatment. Good luck tho!Whatever route you take, hurt backs are a bad deal!

East of Eden said...

Two years ago when I slipped a disk in my back, I was in borrible pain.

I went to my primary doctor, and she perscribed some physical therapy for me. She also gave me some very strong muscle realxing drugs, which I didn't like--so I stopped taking.

I would also recomend massage therapy too. If you have a muscle spazim that might be the trick to get it to calm down.

Good luck.

East of Eden said...

That would have been Horrible pain...I swear I need to type better.

Anonymous said...

Back during the height of my d-land days (2004), I was in a car accident, when someone rear-ended me in the passing lane on the interstate. I thank my lucky stars it wasn't worse, because it could have been. The main thing was whiplash and kinks in my neck and shoulders, plus an arthritis flare from the stress of it all. Long story short, two things that helped in addition to my regualar doctor (western medicine), were a prescribed course of physical therapy and acupuncture. I've been receiving acupuncture for about five years for my condition, and it really helps. The thing is, western and eastern medicine need not be antagonistic. That's why there's a move to call it "complementary" rather than "alternative". Should you choose this route, I would either find a good L. Ac. (licensed acupuncturist) or an M. D. who does medical acupuncture (western doctor certified to administer acupuncture). If you go with a L. Ac. and s/he went to a reputable acupuncture school, then his/her Master's degree training should mean s/he is familiar with both acupuncture, and also basic rigorous scientific knowledge of western medical concepts (much as is learned in med or nursing school). hope that helps! ~be11curves

Anonymous said...

Have you thought about an orthopedic doc? You'll have to find one that specializes in backs, though, not knees or wrists or something.

As a side note - my mom had unexplained back pain for a LONG time prior to her death (not related to the back pain). :) The pain relief that FINALLY worked for her was a pain patch. So I'd ask about that option if a doc is thinking about prescribing you something for pain. My mom said that it was amazing how well it worked when nothing else helped. She even did physical therapy.

Good luck!