Thursday, June 23, 2005

love in any language

Sometimes I feel needy and insecure. When this happens, I act needy, insecure, and difficult. I know this makes me unattractive and less likely to get the actual thing I want (reassurance). I know it. But lifetime habits are hard to kick.

I'm starting to realize what my love languages are, though I'm not certain. (When are we going to finish reading the 5 Love Languages book, huh my dearest husband?) I would like to find out JJ's love language as well. So without taking the test, my guess is that my love languages are quality time and physical touch.

When I don't feel that I get enough of those things, I start to feel insecure. And that is when I start acting like a confusing brat. I have got to figure out a healthy, constructive way of communicating my needs, because the current method is definitely NOT working.

I'm just lucky my husband is so good to me anyway. I've been thinking about him all day today, about how blessed I am to have found such a good man. He truly deserves an award for putting up with me sometimes.

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