Tuesday, March 28, 2006

out sick yet again

My blog has been seriously neglected lately, but for good reason. I got sick again. Maybe it was strep throat, but maybe not. Whatever it was, it kicked my butt. I’m still trying to fight off a horrible cough, but at least I can go to work and exercise again.

That’s right, I said exercise! I have been doing at least 10 minutes or more of exercise every weekday (until I got sick). Now I’m back at it. This week I’m moving up to 20-30 minutes of exercise. I’m still going strong on SparkPeople. I got a few of my family members to do it with me, and we’ve created quite a team. We race each other for points, but mostly we encourage each other to make small healthy changes in our lifestyle. It’s great.

And you know what? I’ve lost two pounds so far. My clothing already looks less bad on me. I feel very empowered to accomplish this goal and many others.

At the same time, some of my goals are pretty tough to accomplish. So much so that I get discouraged sometimes. And sometimes I wish I weren’t so goal oriented; that I could live and enjoy and just be. But everything turns into a goal for me, and I get tired of my life being one long checklist. Sigh. I guess I’m a little down today. It happens. Thanks for listening.


penguinconqueso said...

I've been sick for 5 days including today. My voice is gone. Leprosy is apparently going around.

Steve said...

Hi Holli! I am sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Hope you are feeling better. Just make sure to wipe out whatever virus you have! Especially if it is strepthroat or anything like that, because it can lay dormant within the body. Trust me, I know! I have had strepthroat 4 times in the last year! Hope you are doing well and good luck with the job pursuit!! I know you will do well. :) --ST