Tuesday, February 20, 2007

setting goals for my health

I wish I could find a doctor I had any faith in. I've been experiencing some vertigo/dizziness problems. I went to the doctor today because I am sick of this feeling.

She checked my ears for an inner ear problem and checked my eyes to see if it was a nervous system problem. I guess it wasn't that, because her only advice was: "Rest your eyes every 15-20 minutes."

Thanks. That's $10 advice I could have dispensed to myself. My only other option is to go with the advice of my chiropractor, and drink a special detox beverage. She thinks my hormones are out of whack, and a good detox would clear things right up.

What do I think? I think I need to treat myself to a strict regimen of exercise 5x a week (no excuses!), and seek out a new counselor. The exercise because of all its healing properties, and the counselor because I need a sounding board and because I want to learn to think in new ways. Healthy ways.

I really think exercise is the key to many, many problems in life. Exercise is better than many (if not most) prescription drugs at curing ills. Why I'm not strict about doing it, I haven't figured out. But that's going to change. I'm going to treat exercise like a prescription. It takes longer than swallowing a pill, but I know for me it's just as necessary.

So, along with my house-cleaning habits, I'm going to add exercise in.


Rocketgirl said...

When I got pregnant, I knew it was finally time to start working out. Not to lose weight, but for the same reasons you are taking about. So Jared and I went to Walmart and bought the 2nd cheapest eliptical machine they had (Something like $118, and it's just fabulous) and every morning I'd get on it for about 15 minutes ( can't do more than that, ADD:) and turn on my computer in from of me with DVDs or web vids or soemthing to disract me. The daily endorphins were better than pills!

East of Eden said...

Holli...I second Reva on the excercise. I have some DVDs I don't use anymore, if you want, I'll send them to you. Just email me and let me know.

As for your hormones being out of whack...get your thyroid checked...it is one of the hormone control centers in the body, and if it's off, you will be off. Have you considered the vertigo and dizzyness might be from allergies? It is that time in AZ, and you can develop allergies even if you've never had problems with them before. Also your eye strain could be from looking at the computer all day---do you have a filter over your screen?

As for a doctor...I loved my Doctor in east Mesa, her name was Karen Baeder, she did GP and GYN too--wonderful woman. My mom also has a wonderful doctor, she's over by MCC, I could get you her name if you want.

Good luck milichka!

holli jo said...

Thanks ladies, for your support and advice! I appreciate it. Eden, I think you're right about the dizziness and allergies. My allergies are acting up BAD right now. I just didn't connect the two things together.

Anyway, thanks!