Tuesday, July 05, 2005

fourth of july weekend

The weekend ended way too quickly, even though I got Monday off. Here’s what we did:

Friday we went out to dinner.

Saturday we cleaned the house and then saw the movie Bewitched. (Don’t bother—the movie is harmless but boring. I kept focusing on making sure my bum didn’t fall asleep in the hard chairs rather than on the actual movie itself.)

Sunday was church, then finally introducing John to the magic of Parent Trap III and IV (He loved them, I know he did!) and then hanging out with John’s mom.

Monday we went “golfing” with my sister Hillari and BIL Keith and the favorite (and only) niece, Sareny. I say “golfing” because we just went to the golf course and played around in the chipping and putting area. I have to say, golfing was a LOT more fun than I expected it to be. Not that it’ll be my new favorite pastime, but…I won’t knock it as much as I used to. We then ate lunch, watched Hitch, an exasperating movie about a witch in heels who wins herself a handsome, charming, loving man even though she has no redeeming features beyond her beautiful face and gorgeous body. Oh, wait. That’s not the REAL story—it was actually about a surprisingly unspoiled, nice millionaire/goddess who falls in love with an average Joe. Either way, though, not the best movie ever. We ended the evening by watching the fireworks from our porch swing. Lovely.

The whole weekend was interspersed with episodes that I can’t fully explain. I acted childish and selfish and I think damaged my husband’s emotional well-being even though I set out intending to do the opposite.

Today I feel kind of dejected and sad. I try so hard to be a good wife, but the reality is I fall far short of good.


Anonymous said...

I liked Bewitched I thought it was far from boring! JBA

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...well, that's definitely an opinion, but Bewitched overall was not that great...some funny parts, but not at all what I hoped it would be with Will ferrell...