Friday, August 12, 2005

sick of it

A week later, I am still sick. So I went to the Dr., sat in the waiting room for a long time, paid $10 to find out NOTHING. My Dr. looked at my throat, in my ears, and listened to me breathe. After 10 seconds of looking at me she pronounces that my illness is viral and there is no medicine to help me. :(

But I think I'm getting better anyway. My poor husband has just started with the worst of it. He slept almost all day yesterday. But, lovely husband that he is, he stayed awake long enough to clean the kitchen. You would have had to see the kitchen to understand how wonderful my husband is for doing that. Especially while sick. We were both sick all week and let dishes and trash pile up. Our rice cooker sat with rice in it all week until mold started growing in it. Eww! The rest of the kitchen wasn't much better. But JJ cleaned it, bless his heart. I got home from work yesterday and decided it was time to face the nastiness of the kitchen. But when I went in, all I saw were sparkling countertops! Bless you, JJ. Bless you.

In other news, I am on a campaign to get JJ healthy. He doesn't yet know what I have planned, but basically we are going to start exercising daily, eating many more fruits and vegetables and NOT eating out anymore, losing weight, and learning some relaxation techniques. If we're diligent about it, I feel certain we'll both become healthier. I just stepped on a scale at the Dr.'s office, and I'm about 10 pounds overweight, which isn't much, but it's enough for me to know I need to make some changes. I'm very motivated to make these changes, and I hope JJ will be too. He's been too sick; otherwise I would have talked to him about the new plan. Hopefully this weekend.

You know, I should be a researcher. Somebody should pay me to research. I'm good at it, that's all I'm saying.

Okay, have a fabulous weekend, and I will too.



Anonymous said...

I miss your blogs! Hope you guys are doing okay and getting well quickly.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Christie on the last post.... Why DID you cry for four hours??? Hope all's well.