Wednesday, August 31, 2005

famous last words

On a fairly regular basis, I nearly get in accidents while driving. I'm either a bad driver who's lucky, or a good driver who avoids getting in accidents even though opportunites arise all the time! (You can guess which one I wish were true...)

Well anyway, tonight was a close call. I was in the left-hand turning lane in the middle of the intersection when the light turned yellow. I looked at the cars coming toward me, and they were slowing down. So I turned left. However, a truck decided last minute to speed up through the intersection, which meant he was speeding toward me. We barely missed colliding, my heart nearly exploded out of my chest, and then I thanked God that one more time I was spared.

The whole experience taught me to watch my language. If we had collided and I had died, my last words on this earth would have been, "Holy hell!"

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Abel said...

Hey no driving like Bulgarians, OK?