Monday, August 01, 2005

stayin' alive

I am finally feeling a little better. The weekend was both good and bad.

J's mom is also feeling a little better and was able to go home on Saturday. I'm still very worried about her. We still just aren't sure what, if anything, is wrong...which is scary.

Basically I (and I think John too) was wiped out this weekend from stress and everything else. We slept in until 10:30 on Saturday, which felt marvelous. Mostly I did what I said I was going to do--sit around and watch movies and gorge myself on food. However, I'm not sure how good that was for my depression. It felt good at the time, but yet...didn't really help the situation any.

It wasn't until John suggested shopping for books at my favorite thrift store (Deseret Industries) on Saturday night that I started feeling a little better. Firstly, because we got out of the house--I'd been in there since Friday afternoon, and it was time to shower and get out! Secondly, because D.I. always makes me feel better. I can't really explain why. And THIRDLY, because I knew my husband suggested it in part to cheer me up. Which it did! He rocks. I found some good books, too.

Sunday I was still down and had to leave Church after Sacrament meeting. Just couldn't do the rest. And for the rest of the day John and I cuddled and watched TV movies galore--Rookie of the Year, Dumb and Dumber, Speed, The Truman Show. How can you not feel better after that?

Anyway, life is still really hard, but I feel like we can make it. It feels like the worst is over.


Abel said...

Find any good books?

reva said...

ug, wait until your husbad says "I'm bored - let's buy a house that needs every room to be fixed in some drastic way!" Geez, life gets even harder - now, marriage was one heck of a good idea, but then I keep getting tested. *sigh* I did NOT go to school for this!