Saturday, October 08, 2005

speaking of manicures

I purchased a nail buffer at the store yesterday. The buffer has two sides - one buffs, the other shines. I tried it on myself and was amazed at how nice my nails looked. I demonstrated it to JJ by trying it out on one of his fingers. He was fascinated. Next thing I know, I'm buffing and shining all his fingernails at his request. ;)


Speak said...

Hey Holli Joe, thanks for your comments. I'm actually doing a lot better these days. Much of what I've been writing of late are just things that have been brfewing for a long time. Hopefully soon there will be some closure to all of it.

Wanting to look good is not a shallow thing. I say it's a healthy thing. So you do what you need to do to feel good about yourself. I'm a fitness nut, and I lift a lot, so if you need any advise, all you have to do ask. :)


skibigsky said...

It's been a bit since I've been here - somehow real life seems to 'interfere'. First, there is NOTHING wrong with wanting to look hot - while I love the whole exercise thing, I will readily admit that I do it because I like the way my husband looks at me when I put on the makeup and the tight jeans! ;-D As for your supervisor; I've worked at a university for over 15 years now (and, yes, that thought scares me - although it includes my undergraduate part-time work), and I've worked for some real schmucks. I've also worked for some great people. There are good bosses out there, and the bad bosses will work through people - in time, you'll find yourself being pushed/gravitating toward the good bosses. As you get more experience, and more 'political knowledge' (i.e. Who To Avoid), you'll be able to avoid Psycho Bosses.

Really. You'll get through all of this, and you and JJ have the mindset to get through it. I'm just jealous, as his nails probably look better than mine right now!!!