Friday, October 28, 2005


I finally did it—I saw the counselor. And I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I was able to talk through a lot of things, and she was very optimistic about the eventual outcome of this whole counseling thing. Because of that, I feel so much better about the issues and problems I’ve been worried about. It was as if the words I spoke lifted a weight right off my chest. I’m so glad I finally called.

And in other news, my parents and sister are coming into town this weekend. We’re going to see my niece dressed up at her ‘Trunk-or-treat’ (costume still TBD), attend Sparky’s FestDevil, and perhaps have our own murder mystery party…should be an interesting weekend.

I’m so glad it’s Friday! Someone walked into our office just now with plates of sandwiches and fruit—always a welcome sight, but quite the party on a Friday afternoon. Our office is frequently the recipient of leftover food from catered meetings. Yum. What a way to end the week.

Have a good weekend!


kimbo said...

May I just say...

GOOD FOR YOU!!! :) I'm so excited that you're talking to someone. Is that lame of me? I'm just so happy for you to be able to work stuff out and be happy! :D

Did you guys really have a murder mystery party? You two really are the best for even thinking about it. I wish we lived closer! We need some coolness in our lives. :P

Christie said...

Your niece is amasing !!! Grampa looks amazed. Baby Girl just gets cuter and cuter. Speaking of spam we have spam in common aka Spamdandy aka Chelsea W. Great blog of fire. hee hee

Ethel said...

Fabulous photos! We didn't actually go to Scottsdale though we were in Arizona. Its really beautiful there. I loved Williams, AZ and, of course, the Grand Canyon. I definitely want to go back and actually hike down into the canyon.