Monday, January 30, 2006

medical emergencies

In one month I have seen enough doctor’s offices and emergency medical centers to last me a lifetime. John has been having several unexplained infections. Right after Christmas we spent a full day in an Urgent Care in Las Vegas. John had a sinus infection and swimmer’s ear, which, if you’ve ever had it, you know how painful it is! Right after that we both got sick. I think we caught colds from the runny-nosed kids at the Urgent Care.

The Sunday before last we ended up in Urgent Care again, this time in a nice Scottsdale location. (We were in and out in under an hour – such a change from our Nevada experience.) This time, John was diagnosed with several conditions and given more antibiotics.

Where were we the very next Sunday (i.e., yesterday)? In the emergency room. It was actually quite scary. John woke up and couldn’t breathe or swallow – his throat was closing up. I threw on some clothes and frantically drove him to the emergency room. It turns out that not breathing is a true emergency. We didn’t even have to wait in the waiting room for one second. He was ushered to the back immediately. (I’ve waited with friends in the ER for hours, so it was kind of scary to have it treated as an actual emergency, when so many other people with emergencies wait and wait.)

Well, it turns out John has yet ANOTHER infection, this time in his throat. He was instructed to throw away the antibiotics he was already taking, given a new antibiotic and some steroids to reduce the swelling. And we were sent on our merry way.

He’s doing okay now; the swelling is almost gone. But I am just worried. Why is his immune system doing so poorly? What is really going on? And how many more urgent cares/emergency rooms will we be visiting before we find out?

When I worry about his health it makes John feel guilty. He doesn’t want me to have to worry about him. But I do. Most of the time I am positive that we will be able to figure this thing out and get him healthy again. But there are moments when I fear. And times when I ask, Lord how long?

He’ll be okay. At least we have each other through this trial. And that, along with major praying, is the biggest comfort I have.


east of eden said...

You know, I had to take my husband into the ER last weekend, it was the scariest thing we've ever had to go thru. I seriously didn't know if he was going to die. When we finally got home, I was so very relieved, and thankful. He is too precious to me, and I'm too young to be a widow. Then with all of my health issues of these last few months we've had enough of the doctor. We hope you are doing better, and totally feel your pain, because we've been there too. I hope JR feels better soon, and that all goes well. :) love ya.

s'mee said...

A lot of stress can be added to an illness just trying to make it to the doctor via an ER. I am glad that whatever is going on that you are getting it under some control. In the mean time use the internet to see if you can find ways to boost his immune via foods.

Good luck and good health soon to you both.

holli jo said...

Eden--I read about your emergency, and that sounded very scary. I'm glad things are okay. The emergency room is not something I'd like to repeat.

And s'mee, you are right--we can boost his immune system with the right food. Thanks for the idea.