Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I voted yesterday. There were a few tough decisions, and one where I had to vote for 'the other guy' aka the Libertarian candidate, simply because the other two choices were unacceptable to me. (I wanted to write in John, but he says he's too young.) But I voted.

And then I received two separate telephone calls from volunteers who thanked me for voting. What could I say besides, "'re welcome?" I am officially free from political calls for the next while!!

In other news, we're going to be in Delaware for the next few days ("Hi. I'm in...Delaware.") checking out the school. We should be in for some fun times.

We're not going to forget to watch LOST today. It better be good!


penguinconqueso said...

Hooray for Mike Myers references! And good luck w/school hunting, remember that Delaware actually isn't too bad. It's kinda pretty. :)

holli jo said...

Hey, Ms. Penguin! Yeah, gotta love Wayne's World. And I really liked Delaware. I don't know why Mike Myers didn''s beautiful back there!