Thursday, November 16, 2006

thinking about tomorrow

The wheels in my mind are turning. I’ve talked before about life goals and how I don’t really have any. I encourage other people to pursue their dreams, but I don’t look inside myself long enough to know what my dreams even are. So I’m thinking.

And meanwhile, here are pictures from our trip to Delaware. I think I could enjoy autumn if I lived there. In Arizona, all autumn means is that there is darkness after 6pm. That’s depressing to me, and hence why I don’t like fall. However, Delaware convinced me that fall could be pretty nice. Most of the pictures are on University of Delaware's campus.

Pretty, no?


kimbo said...

oh my gosh, that's so beautiful! delaware. who knew? :D hey, about your post earlier, i hope everything's okay. sending good vibes and happy thoughts your way!

errol said...

yeah. that looks like home. ahh.

sometimes i regret not having gone to school there. but then i wouldn't have met any ronquillos, which would be more regrettable even.

billie said...

hey. i was just about to say what mr. errol said...I can't believe we chose to come here instead of go to Delaware!!! What were we thinking! But, he's right, then we wouldn't know you. and that would be sad. so sad.

Abel said...

You're the first person I know that has actually been to Deleware. :-)

penguinconqueso said...

I freakin' miss autumn, and trees. I've been in AZ for over 5 years now and I still miss trees everyday. :( Lucky!

P.S. Come back to Sparkpeople. It's crazy how into it I've gotten this week, really the first time I've been active in it!