Thursday, November 09, 2006

what are the writers thinking?!

Didn't forget to watch LOST...but geez, what a disappointing episode.

*Spoilers ahead*

If that was supposed to be a 'cliffhanger', it failed miserably. Okay, so Ben might die. Who cares?! He's interesting, but he's one of the 'Others'. So someone is holding a gun to Sawyer's head. Does anyone really believe he's going to die? NO! Everyone knows that Sawyer is LOST's meal ticket. They're not going to get rid of him. So Jack is trying to save Kate again...doesn't he do that every episode?

So where's the suspense? Very weak episode, especially since we've got three months to wait for the next one. Oh, and did they think they could write in two new characters that have supposedley been there all along and not have us notice that we've NEVER ONCE seen them before?

I really wish the writers would quit trying to increase viewership and just write the show as it was meant to be. I don't want to lose faith in LOST...


East of Eden said...

I'm right there with you on LOST. I want things to be answered and the story to move more than a snail's pace forward. I'm about ready to bail on LOST.

Abel said...

Disagree with this....there's 30-40 characters from the plane wreck we've never seen before. There's probably a reason the writer's are brining them in. Also don't think Sawyer is LOST's meal ticket -- don't be suprised if they do kill him. Anyway, I need to write my review of the show.

holli jo said...

Abel: I wish I could agree with you. I would love it if I didn't know whether Sawyer is going to live or die (I want him to live), but I just don't think the suspense is there.

Since Shannon died early in Season 2, has any original character died? No. I don't think they have a problem killing off secondary characters, but I think Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Locke are all pretty safe.

Also, I wouldn't mind them introducing new characters, but they already have a whole host of characters they underuse -- Charlie, Claire, Hurley, Sun & Jin, etc. Why introduce more people when so many of the cast is simply ignored?

Anyway, if I'm wrong, and there IS a chance that Sawyer will die, kudos to the writers for taking a risk. I just don't see it. I think they've come up with a formula and they're just filling in the blanks every week. If so, it's not going to hold my attention for long.