Tuesday, June 05, 2007

endearing things

I think I got this idea from Jamie's blog a long time ago.

Things I do that others might find annoying but my husband is required to find endearing:

1. I throw my dirty clothes on the bedroom floor.
2. I make sarcastic remarks at commercials and tv programs I find cheesy or implausible. I do this a lot.
3. I sometimes talk during movies in the theatre.
4. My brain doesn't process sound very quickly. So I ask, "huh?" and "what?" way too often.
5. I pout when my feelings are hurt. And they get hurt way too often. (just ask John)
6. I talk like a baby. All my sisters do it. My brother, too. The year I turned 26, my sister who was then 11 said, "I twenty-six. I talk wike baby." It's an annoying yet strangely addicting behavior.
7. I quote movies all the time. "I know, right?"
8. I say "wah" when I am sad.

Annoying. But endearing too, right?

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Jamie said...

i totally talk during movies, and tv programs. Sometimes I can tell that Jake is going crazy. It's like I can't stop, and I'm even annoying myself, but I just do it. I always say, "you would totally miss that about me if I died". I think he would. #6 cracked me up. Your whole family talking like babies. Hilarious.