Wednesday, June 06, 2007

living with a ghost

We have a ghost in our condo. I don’t think I’ve mentioned that fact before.

I survived last night without John. He is in Tucson until tomorrow, so I am on my own until then. I don’t mind being alone, most of the time. I like having time to do whatever I want to. I can eat cold cereal for dinner and no one will complain. And I can entertain myself just fine. But I get scared at night. Mostly because we have a ghost living with us.

This ghost, whom I have named Stella, does many little things like turning on lights and opening closet doors. But those aren’t a big deal. I can always blame that on me – perhaps I forgot to close my closet door or left a light on and forgot about it.

There are other things that are a little bit harder to explain. One morning, I went into the living room and sat on the couch. Suddenly I felt a huge draft – the front door had swung wide open, even though we had locked and bolted it the night before.

Recently, I was home alone (these things usually happen to me when I’m home alone) and decided to empty the top row of the dishwasher. It didn’t take long – there were only bowls and cups in there. Five minutes later I went back into the kitchen for something and was shocked when I looked at the open dishwasher. Right in the front, in plain sight, and BRIGHT GREEN, was one cup. Perhaps I overlooked that cup when I emptied the dishwasher, but likely not.

Another time, I was home alone getting ready for work. I noticed how absolutely silent the house was. Suddenly, I heard a whirring noise. The fan in our bedroom had suddenly turned on.

And then there’s the strange noises I heard one night (again, I was alone). It sounded like a light bulb exploding, and it happened a couple of times. I never figured out what caused it. I was too scared to get out of bed and check.

Another time when I was alone at night, I saw someone walk by our bedroom door. I assumed it was John, just getting home from his school party. But when John didn’t come into the bedroom to greet me, I realized it wasn’t him. I was terrified that someone had entered our house and was going to kill me. Luckily for me, it was just Stella.

Perhaps you are like my mom, and you don’t believe in ghosts. But I do. And she's not an evil ghost, though she makes things scary for me late at night. Come back soon, Johnny! I need you...


Chris & Amy said...

Hey, well just so you know, my mom deliberately goes to haunted hotels for a thrill. She is nuts like that. SHe has weird pictures and all sorts of things. It totally sounds like you have a poltergeist or something. As long as you dont feel its evil ( just creepy I'm sure) so now I'm curious. How long have you lived there? Does anyone else experience these things too? Are you in a apt? Well when I get scared ( and I have never had those sorts of things happen to me) but still, when I am alone and nervous I turn on church music or read something uplifting or watch something funny. Or, if you can, just get out in the public. Well you are moving soon too so that is good. So was the green cup not even yours? Interesting! But scary too, I give you that. I am one that ( infortunately) kinda believes it with a mother like mine I have no choice.Amy

Jamie said...

Crap! That totally freaked me out reading that. I am always certain that someone is in the house. We hear the creepiest things at night. I think Jake thought I was crazy there for a while when he was working graveyards and I would call him whispering from under the covers. But now he has heard all the creepy stuff at night. Sometimes it's so obviously loud like a window shutting, or the floor creaking in all the places it does when feet are walking there. Of course I'm too chicken to get out of bed and investigate. I'd rather hold my breath and wait for the pounce. It's so ridiculous. At least your ghost seems friendly. . . I hope your husband gets home soon.

abel said...

Maybe the ghost is trying to tell you in The Sixth Sense. Maybe you're seeing dead people now! :-)

Katrina said...

I get so scared at noise in the middle of the night! Have you ever seen the show "A Haunting" on Discovery Channel? It makes me so scared and now that we are probably going to move it makes me so nervous. I am such a baby.

errold said...

it would make sense that you have a ghost, since as your husb. indicated on his weeblog that you just went to disneyland, and while you were there, there seemed to be a mysterious congregation of pirates. and if there's one thing that ghosts love to haunt, it's pirates. so probably a ghost from mistook you or john for a pirate and followed you home.

Señor Ronk said...

While it may seem that any husband would be biased, I can unabashedly tell you that I have also witnessed things in addition to Holli's Stella encounters. I was raised with a very superstitious grandmother, so it might be easy to believe in these things for me. But, they happen all the time. Lights turn on by themselves, closet and front door opens after we've double checked the lock, as well as a host of other things. One of the things that makes me think the ghost is, in fact, a female is the fact that she only goes into Holli's closet. :)

It's all really kind of fun. We wish you could see it.

holli jo said...

Thanks for the comments, guys. Sounds like some of you have ghostly happenings too. Now I don't feel so alone. :)