Monday, June 11, 2007

i'm still haunted

We are back from our trip to Nevada. The graduation went well, and we had a fun party with the family.

Meanwhile, a ghost update. The ghost didn't do much haunting while John was away. Thank goodness. I was scared enough staying by myself for two nights without dealing with strange sounds and ghostly manifestations. I'm glad John's back.

However, last night John was catching up on reading my blog. He was sitting in the living room, reading the post I just wrote about the ghost. Suddenly, and for no reason, the standing fan in the living room turned itself off. Hi, Stella. Yes, we still believe in you.

As for Stella, we've lived here two years and noticed her presence for most of that time. She has never harmed us though, so we figured we could coexist with her, and we have. Now we're moving, and the owner of the place wants to sell the condo. I wonder if the new owners will notice anything out of the ordinary...


abel said...

You know...ghosts have been known to follow people to new homes.... :-)

holli jo said...

We actually thought of that! But I think we'll be safe. :)