Friday, May 26, 2006

Join the revolution!

We did something I never saw myself agreeing to – we bought a Playstation2 on Monday. Why did I agree to this? I hate video games, I hate the killing games they make, I hate how my brother spent most of his childhood in front of a computer screen.

But, I LOVE Dance Dance Revolution!!! John and I have been contemplating the purchase of a treadmill for exercise. But a treadmill is very expensive and very large. So…I came up with the idea of buying DDR for our exercise. Two days later, (on Monday of this week) we came home from BestBuy with all the materials needed.

I was (and still am) so excited! It's the most brilliant invention ever. And we’ve been playing it faithfully ever since we bought it. I don’t have much coordination, so DDR is pretty challenging for me, but it’s so fun! I never thought I would enjoy exercise this much. Here's to losing weight while having loads of fun.

Anyway, if you know us in real life, come over and play with us! Consider yourself invited.


Susan M said...

You should check out the Eyetoy Kinetic game for the PS2.

holli jo said...

That looks really cool -- have you tried it?

Susan M said...

Yeah we have it. The only problem is you need really good, even lighting in the room, and enough space to be back far enough that the camera can pick you up well. (Our living room isn't wide enough, we have to move our couch to play it.) But it's really awesome. In case you didn't catch it, the game puts you on the tv screen and you're interacting with objects on the screen--and it's designed as an exercise game, with different styles.