Tuesday, May 23, 2006

K is for...

S'mee gave me this lovely assignment, which is to share 10 things that are important to me that start with the letter 'K.'

If you'd like to play too, leave me a comment and I'll assign you a letter. In your blog you'll write 10 things that start with that letter that are important to you and explain why. Easy!

Here goes mine:

Keepsakes – I’m very bad at printing photographs and displaying them, but because of recent events where our hard drive was destroyed along with many photos, I’m going to change my ways!

Kissing – Well, who doesn’t like kissing? But I like it even more. :) Good thing John is such a good kisser. Hee!

Kin – What can I say? My family is my life.

Kids – I’ve always felt a special bond with kids. We just relate. I love holding babies, playing with kids, reading to them, and generally hanging out.

Kittens – There’s not much cuter than a baby kitty. Or a baby anything.

Kites – Kites are fun to fly. It’s also fun to be at the park on a perfect, sunny day with someone you love. Kite is optional.

Kindness – I would like to be as kind and loving as most people believe I am. I don't think kindness can ever be overemphasized.

Knowledge – I love learning new things. I love school so much I’m still going! I always joked to my mom that I would be a professional student. I guess I wasn’t really joking.

Kicks – I’m known for saying “I’ll kick him in the head (or other body part best not named)” when I’m mad at someone. So three cheers for kicks!

Knitting – After trying to learn to knit for a year in Bulgaria, I realize that it’s much easier to learn in English. I finally know how. Of course, I actually like crocheting more, but that doesn’t begin with ‘K’, does it?


Steve said...

Hey Holli!! This sounds fun! Give me a letter and I will see what I can do.

Hope youre doing well.


holli jo said...

Okay, Steve, by randomly putting my finger on the keyboard, I found a letter for you (after first landing on '8' and 'shift'.

Your letter is L!

Abel said...

What about knives?

nora lee said...

I'll play...

holli jo said...

Billie: Okay, you get the letter 'F'! Good luck. And p.s. I leave comments for your blog, but they never post. :( What gives?

s'mee said...

Holli! Awesome "K" list! I remember when our offsrping were little we took them all out for kite flying. We live in a desert and at that time. We set each of the 5 up with a kite and after about 10 minutes, #5 was literally flying off the ground and leaving for parts unknown; imagine piglet flying through the 100 acre woods.

Moral of the story: If flying a kite with a small toddler, weight and or tether said child down!

nora lee said...

hey, i dunno what's happening to the posts. That is very sad news. i'll check it out.

cr8ive girl said...

I want a letter! Me too! Me too!:)

holli jo said...

Amy -- The random keyboard method gives you the letter....'H'! Good luck.