Thursday, May 11, 2006

this post is dedicated to the one i love

My husband graduates with his MPA today, and I'm so proud of him. I just had to post and say congrats to him! He won the award for best scholar-citizen in Public Affairs, AND he's at the top of his class GPA-wise. Not only do I think he's extraordinary, but so do all the professors in the School of Public Affairs.

I married one brilliant, accomplished, scholarly man! Which makes me smart as well for marrying him. :)

Yay John-John! Congratulations on your amazing achievements so far. This is just one small stepping stone toward many, many more amazing and wonderful things. Know that I couldn't be prouder of you, your accomplishments, or who you are.



skibigsky said...

Congratulations - to both of you, because it's no easy task to be the spouse of a scholar!

reva said...

Yay for John! and now for something completely different... what with the advent of the baby and our big move, I'm thinking of starting a blog of our adventure for family and such and I was thinking blogger. I'm not getting much from the website - so I'm asking you becuase I'm sure you have nothing better to do with your day than mess with this stuff:)
1. Does blogger charge?
2. I see they'll post pics - what's the limit and of how many you can post?
3. What's your favorite part about it?

holli jo said...


I love blogger, and here's why.

1. It's free.
2. You can add pictures for free, as many as you want (as far as I know)
3. You generally don't have to know html to add stuff to your blog.
4. I love how simple and easy blogger is.

My only critiques--there seem to be fewer template options on blogger, and I miss the "buddy list" feature of diaryland.

But overall I am more than happy I switched to blogger.

Good luck! With the blog, the baby, and the move!

John said...

my wife is the best