Friday, September 08, 2006

gonna change my way of thinking

I've been feeling so nostalgic the past few days. Maybe it's because an old friend is in town visiting. But my mood has bordered on the sad.

We watched a LOST episode last night (Season 2, baby!) and Hurley was scared that everything was about to change. Locke said, "Change is good." Hurley replied, "Everyone says that, but it's not true."

Is change a good thing? There are times when I love change. I've moved five times in the past five years. I loved living in China on a whim. I love thinking that in one year we'll be in an entirely new place so that John can get his PhD.

The hard part about change is the way it affects relationships. One of my best friends moved to Washington a few years ago. My siblings got married and started having kids. My parents are getting older. I don't see my friends from college anymore. I got married, and friends I used to hang out with several times a week I'm lucky if I see once a month. Things just change.

When I was a missionary in Bulgaria and it was nearly time for me to come back home, I was so excited to go home to my family, but so sad to leave all my friends in Bulgaria behind. I wished so much that I didn't have to give up one to have the other. But that's the way it is. You leave one place and leave friends behind, but you make new friends in the place you go to.

I think Locke is right. Change is a good thing. It brings many new experiences and friends into my life that I wouldn't have otherwise. I just sometimes wish I could stop time and keep everyone I love with me forever.


cr8ive girl said...

I know exactly how you feel. My advice? Embrace it. There's nothing we can do about change except find the good in the present.:)A~

gabby said...

Wow. I'm exact opposite. Change sucks and I don't deal well at all with it!

Erin said...

Change is HARD. I am so glad I get to at least keep tabs on you here. Reading this reminds me how much I miss our conversations. Let's get all the people we love together and move to a commune.

Abel said...

Keep us posted on your thoughts on Season 2 of Lost! The third season is right around the corner!

And I agree with Locke -- change is good!

east of eden said...

It's funny you mentioned Bulgaria, I ws thinking about this just last night. On Saturday it will be 10 years since I got on the plane and came home. Ahmmmmmm, memories.

holli jo said...

Amy: You're right -- there's nothing we can do except embrace change.

Gabby: Long time, no hear from! How are you? There are things about change I don't handle well AT ALL! I just happen to enjoy the adventure part of change.

Erin: I miss you! You are one of the people I'm talking about that make change hard because I never see you! I'm glad we have blogs to keep us in touch. :)

Abel: Yes, I'll definitely be posting about LOST. How could I not?!

Eden: My Bulgaria memories are slowly fading. :(

penguinconqueso said...

I miss seeing you too. I never understood why it seemed like all my friends died after they got married. And it just seems like marriage makes things even more busy than before. So of course I added college into my personal mix, what's wrong with me?

east of eden said...

Re-read your journals, that will bring back the memories. I did this a few weeks ago and I was surprised at how much I'd forgotten, and how neurotic I was as a missionary...I seriously should have killed over from the stress I gave myself.

gabby said...


I'm good. Busy! I had my baby the end of July and it's crazy in the gabby household right now. Such a great baby boy, but man! Who knew a 7 lb bundle could knock you on your butt so much??

holli jo said...

Penguin: We still want to hang out with you guys, busy as we all may be!

Gabby: Wow! Congrats. It must be an exciting but stressful time for you guys. I hope you reopen your blog someday. :)