Monday, September 25, 2006

if only...

If only I hadn’t wanted to soak in the hot tub with my soul mate late on Friday night.

If only John and I hadn’t each thought the other person brought the house key.

If only we hadn’t locked the front door.

If only we had brought a cell phone with us.

If only we weren’t in bathing suits when we asked to use the phone at Hungry Howie’s.

If only the locksmith had been more competent and hadn’t taken more than an hour to drill through our front door.

If only he hadn’t charged $150 for the service.

If only.

The good news? We’re both alive, we’re healthy, and we had some extra money lying around in our account, just waiting for an emergency to happen. So everything’s A-ok. Except I never did get to soak it up in the hot tub with my soul mate.


East of Eden said...

We got locked out of our house once too. Only we had the key, but we'd chained the front door and dead bolted the back door. Joey happened to have the key to his work room and we managed to get a hack saw and file thru the chain on the front door. That was fun.

skibigsky said...

This would be one of the few times that I am really glad that we always seem to leave at least ONE door unlocked....