Friday, September 15, 2006

my lost thoughts

We finished Season 2 of LOST last night. Oh my goodness. Several episodes in a row that were just crazy! Here are some of my thoughts. (I never thought I would be a person to write my thoughts about a TV show, I am.)

*Season 2 Spoiler alert*

1. Several people mentioned that we might be disappointed by Season 2. That was not the case. Maybe it's because we got to see all the episodes one after another, but each episode drew me in and intrigued me. Maybe I wasn't disappointed because I didn't expect any real answers. Nah, I can tell that the writers enjoy keeping us in the dark just enough to drive us crazy.

2. I'm totally shocked by how many people died this season. Shot dead. I was really starting to care about Libby and can't believe the writers had the audacity to cut her out. Not fair! And Michael -- I knew he was too emotional and selfish and couldn't be trusted, but to kill people? I don't know about that.

3. What about Hurley's fear that the Island is just a figment of his warped brain? It never really cleared that up to my satisfaction. Is the final season going to cut to a scene of Hurley in the psych ward, explaining away the whole story as part of his imagination? I hope not, but it seems like the option is there.

4. Polar bears seem to be a running theme in many of the episodes. Sometimes a very subtle reference, but often there. I'm sure there are many other subtle themes like that. Makes me want to watch all the episodes over again!

5. Now we're just like everybody else, watching the shows one week at a time. :(

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Abel said...

Glad you enjoyed LOST Season 2. The only thing I didn't like about it was the way Michael handled things. Other than that, it was a great season. Oct 4 is right around the corner!