Friday, December 01, 2006

beautiful things

I have a beautiful wedding ring. My husband picked well. And although I told him to spend only a reasonable amount on the ring, he didn't listen to me. As a result, I wear a gorgeous ring on my finger every day.

Even the jewelers, who see flashy jewelry all the time, react to my ring. I picked it up from the jeweler yesterday after having it cleaned, and the jeweler gasped when he opened the box. They always have that reaction to my ring. He said, "Wow. You are lucky."

Yes, I am. And he has no idea how much. Because guess what? The size or price of a wedding ring doesn't say much about the quality of the marriage or of the devotion of the man who gives it to you. So it is lucky indeed that I not only received one of the most beautiful rings ever (thanks, sweetie), but also married one of the best men I know.

Actually, I don't call it 'luck', I call it blessed. And I am.


nora lee said...

so sweet. I am a total romantic and things like this always make me smile.

Erin said...

I am so glad you found him. And now I want to see the ring too. :)