Monday, December 18, 2006

random thoughts today

I'm on a Bulgarian food roll -- I made Pulneni Chushki (stuffed peppers) last night. So delicious, except I forgot the most important part -- yogurt. :( But that's ok, because they were still tasty, and somewhat healthy.

And we are officially partied out. We went to a party on Friday and two on Saturday. We were invited to yet another party on Saturday, and were very sad to have to miss it, because we love the people who invited us. But luckily, we get to see them tonight. And as for the parties, I've had enough eating hors d'ouvres and making chit-chat with people I barely know, to last me for a long, LONG time.

Have you jump roped recently? I know you did it in elementary school, but have you done it recently? I pulled out my jump rope on Saturday and jumped for three minutes. That was enough to completely wind me. But the crazy part? I woke up on Sunday with horribly sore calves. And they're still sore today. Just from three minutes of jumping!!! I guess it's a sport you work up to, but I don't remember getting so sore when I did it as a kid.

I don't know how we're going to accomplish everything we have to do by Friday when we go to my parents' house for Christmas. We've got present buying, wrapping, delivering, cleaning, laundry, packing, and all kinds of other things to get done. I'm to the point where I'm considering bringing presents and wrapping paper to work and wrapping presents on my lunch hour...

But I'm excited to get away! And I'm taking time off work, so I'll be away from work for 10 whole days. Yes, 10 days. I'm overjoyed!!!

I'm thankful for so many things right now. Maybe I'll have to do an entry of some of the things I'm thankful for. Good idea.


penguinconqueso said...

I know what you mean about being partied out. I went to two different ones on Friday and we missed one on Saturday (temple took longer than normal).

Have you talked to Gina lately? I haven't heard from her in awhile. :(

holli jo said...

Yep, there is a limit to my party tolerance.

I work in the same building as Gina, therefore I see her once in a while. She's doing well, I think.

I miss her, and I miss you, too!

East of Eden said...'s all about gift bags! I don't wrap presents, I put them in cute bags with lots of crinkly paper, and call it good. It the present won't fit in a bag, I don't get it.

And then again, there were our presents to each other, we just slapped a bow on the box fom Amazon and called it Merry!

Anway, drive safely to NV.

And the puleni choooshki sound yumm! I think I need to make them again soon.

Da ste zhivi i zdravi i Vesela Koleda i Chestia Nova Godina!!

abel said...

Can you email your recipie for Pulneni Chushki? I need a good one.