Thursday, December 14, 2006


I'm proud of myself. Ever since we talked to the nutritionist, I've taken her advice about carbs to heart. Yes, I still eat them, and yes, probably more of them than I should. Baby steps.

What I'm proud of is that I'm really trying to add protein to my diet and cut out carbs. My office has had cookies, cake, and candy galore these last few days. In the past, I would have tried some of each, just because it was there. This time, I'm rejecting most of it outright. If I do indulge, it's a very small bite, and it's because I really want it, not just because it happens to be there.

I'm starting to see benefits already. I feel better about myself. I feel good about making healthy choices, and I know they will pay off. I'm not going to cut anything out of my diet completely, because I think it's okay to indulge every once in a while. But I'm cutting waaaay back on the carbs, especially the sugary ones. It's making a difference.

And this morning I got some health news about my grandma. She's ok, but it reminds me how short our time is, and how we need to make the most of it. Itreminds me that I need to take care of my body and treat it well. I'm glad I'm learning how to eat better now, so that I can be healthy in the future.

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