Tuesday, July 25, 2006

pet peeve

You know what I hate? I'm at a restaurant, eating food, and the server asks if they can take my plate away.

Worst way: "Are you still working on that?" Working on that?! Yes, I'm still eating, and thanks for effectively making me feel like a piggy for still 'working on that'.

Let me eat my food in peace! Quit trying to take my plate away before I'm done.

Thank you. I feel better now.


Steve said...

YES!! That is my pet peeve too. I HATE that with a passion.

What's even worse, is RIGHT after they bring your food, 10 minutes later they bring you the check! Why don't they say, "Here's your food. Now pay up, gobble your food and get the hell out!"


Steve said...


Thanks for that wonderful comment. The past several weeks have been really, really hard. It seems like each day is a bittle in and of itself.

You are definitely too kind. I appreciate your friendship so much. You're the best! John is so lucky to have you.


penguinconqueso said...

"Working on it" always sounds like I'm eating with a jackhammer on a road or something. Stupid. I never said that when I waited tables!

Katrina said...

I hate when they add in their tip to the bill. Its worse when thet give themselves more than they deserve. Last month I went out to eat. There were 5 adults my 5 year old, my 3 year old and my 9 month old baby. They told us the tip was automatically included since it was a party of 8. I am glad the baby was so difficult for them since I fed him baby food.