Wednesday, July 05, 2006

post fourth randomness

I love days like today -- overcast, with steady, drizzling rain. Beautiful. Today is going okay, but my coworker/boss is driving me crazy. I've now scheduled in time every week to job search, because I'm getting out of here. And not just library jobs, because obviously those aren't happening. But I don't care how I get out of here, I'm getting out.

I've been much happier the past few days. Is it because the withdrawals are over?!! Is it that I don't eat sugar anymore? Is it because I exercise 5x a week? Is it because I feel in control of my life, knowing there are goals to be reached and I have plans for reaching them? Don't know. But I'm thankful.

Guess what? I am now up to 'Standard' in DDR! Only while in workout mode. If it were game mode, I'd be boo'ed off the dance pad and it would be game over. But I like Standard a lot, plus I think it gives me a better workout. Even if I can't seem to hit all the arrows. Not that anyone other than a fellow DDR freak would even care about this paragraph. Ha!

I went to Sunflower Market the other day, and I love it! The prices are much cheaper than I thought they would be, and such good and healthy food there! I was in heaven. I can't believe I haven't been shopping there all along.

Have I mentioned lately what a great husband I have? He's the best. He does DDR with me every day, he listens to me, he likes my family, he humors me when I get obsessed with something (like I said, right now it's Andrew Weil, but it changes periodically), and he's an amazing kisser. I couldn't be luckier.

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