Friday, July 21, 2006

so i'm a little quirky

I don't have obsessive/compulsive disorder. I'm telling you that right now. That's because I researched it -- I've often wondered about some of my behaviors.

For example:

At home, we have tile in the kitchen. I can only step on tiles diagonally -- I can't step on adjacent tiles. I do this pretty much without thinking.

At work, it's even worse. We have dark and light carpet squares. My left foot can only step on the light tiles; right foot can only step on dark tiles. I don't sit around thinking about this or planning to do it, it's just what I automatically do!

Then there's the stairs. I don't even know how to describe my strange system, but I guess you could say I favor the right foot. Anytime there's a railing on a stair, my right foot has to step on that stair. So when I walk up or downstairs to our condo, I use the same starting foot each time.

And then there's the rhythm I automatically click my teeth to (hard to explain). I've tried to stop doing it because it's annoying (to me -- I don't think anyone else could notice) and because it probably damages my jaw, but when I stop with the teeth, my fingers start tapping out the rhythm instead. And before I know it, my teeth are at it again. It's weird.

Anyone else have unexplainable quirks?

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east of eden said...

I like the doors shut and the toilet seats down at all times.