Monday, March 26, 2007

he's back

My husband was in Texas this weekend visiting a school there. Not in the city featured on his shirt. I'm just glad he's back.

But now we must talk of packing and cleaning and job hunting and finality. I'm not ready yet.


East of Eden said...

So I take it, you are going to Texas for grad sk-cool? are you liking Digital Fortress? Have you read any other books of Dan "Cosnpiracy Theory" Brown? I just wonder what you think of him and his plots?

holli jo said...

Hey, eden! decision yet...there will be soon.

And I just started Digital Fortress. I've read most of Dan Brown's books. What I think is that he's a terrible writer. He writes in the most trite, cheesy way with unbelievable plots and superhuman characters. I can't help but read him anyway, so he must be good at writing crappy books in a way that makes people want to read them.

What do you think of him?

errol dwithers said...

hahahaha dan brown. that guy's so ham handed.

East of Eden said...

I think that all four of his books are the same book with different names. Digital Fortress and Deception point were the SAME book, with diffent charachters and settings--but they were the SAME. Angles and Deamons and the DaVinci code were a bit different--but still the SAME (government/Catholic Church BAD, people good), but after reading all four of a row, I was tired. Ya, the superhuman elements of his characheters were a bit much...I mean Langdon should have died after falling out of a helecopter!

But you know, I'll read the Solomon Key when it comes out, just because Dan Brown is a bad author and I want to see what new conspiricy he's cooked up. I just can't resist the $5 paperback.