Wednesday, March 07, 2007


So remember that one time when I said I would share a picture of the valentine card I made for John? Well, I'm finally doing that. Just remember that it's pretty much my first attempt at paint ever. But I like it anyway, flaws and all:

And you know what John got me? This:

If you know me, you know this was the perfect gift. I'm romantic, and I love poetry. So the combination was perfect. Now I just need to light a fire in our unused fireplace and have John read love poems to me. (Thus far he hasn't.) But anyway, that was our Valentine's day.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mrs. Ronk, I was surfing the web and found you through zenhabits.

I have a Cleaning & Exercise Chat and forum! We help each other CLEAN (15 on and 15 off), and also EXERCISE (for those who want to do that).

Here's the forum:

And here's the chat:

Please stop by the chat! I am Ruth, the owner of the chat. If you are in the USA, you can just come into the chat as a guest, we're usually there. We are based unofficially on Flylady.

Love to see you there!!! :)


Jamie said...

Hi, I read your blog via nora lee's. Maybe she'll come back again. . . I've been signed up with FlyLady for like forever, and every now and then I do something productive, but mostly, I say "I hate you" outloud when I'm checking my email and there's like a zillion emails from her. But I'm feeling the chaos of clutter, being unorganized and much much more and I know I should just do it. I mean, she gives you the steps. Should be easy, right? Anyway, it sounds like you are doing lots of good things. Is Zen habits like flylady?

holli jo said...

Ruth: I'll have to check your site out. thanks.

Jamie: Yay! I read your blog too, also through Nora Lee. I do hope she comes back. I think Zen Habits is kind of like flylady -- a lot of the same concepts, but without the cluttery website and annoying emails! Zen Habits covers more than just organization. It's quickly becoming my favorite site for self-improvement.

Flylady SHOULD be easy, but somehow my house is cluttered and messy no matter WHAT I do. I don't know why it's not easy, but it's definitely not. I'm feeling the pain of 'can't have anyone over syndrome.' :(