Tuesday, June 06, 2006

dream on

You wanna know the hideous dream I had last night?

I dreamed that I had a rag and was meticulously scrubbing tiny stains off a white wall. I'm talking miniscule stains all over the wall. And in my dream I cleaned off every single one. In real time with full details. Boring! And talk about feeling tired when I woke up!


kimbo said...

ha ha ha! i have totally had dreams like that! only, mine were of me having to shelf read in the library all night. and then i'd go to work and have to shelf read. argh!
hey, i saw your comment over on my bro's blog and might i say, oh my heavens! another neil diamond fan. who knew? i thought we were just the few. :D
and sorry i haven't been commenting lately. i think my mind is gone. i'm not even kidding. the baby has stolen it and replaced it with insane dreams of having him sleep in the shower (???) and writing names on his head with permanent markers. hmmmm.

holli jo said...

Kimbo -- how crazy is that? I had no idea he was your brother...I think I've even met him before. I really hope I get to meet you someday!

And sounds like you're having crazier dreams than me...

Oh, and Neil Diamond? One of the very first movies I remember seeing was 'The Jazz Singer.' I must have listened to that soundtrack a million times in my childhood.

Steve said...

Hey Holli,

Yeah I mean the links on the side of the blog like "Favorite Reads", "Sites of Interest", etc. Im sorry I neglected to put that.