Wednesday, June 21, 2006

this too shall pass

K, since you asked about withdrawals, I’ll give you an update. I took my last dose of the evil medicine on Saturday. Keep in mind that the dose was 10 times smaller than the smallest dose they sell (I opened the pill up and took out all but 3 milligrams). Yet it is Wednesday and I am still feeling withdrawal symptoms.

It’s not as bad as it was before, but it's no picnic, either. The only times I don’t feel my symptoms are when I’m exercising (hence, I walk around a lot at work and do DDR as much as I can at home) and stretching my muscles (also a lot of stretching happening at my desk). Oh, and massages and the chiropractor help too, but as I don’t have a full-time masseuse living at my house (John, can you get right on that?), those things happen less frequently.

I’m hoping that by this weekend all traces of the withdrawal will be gone forever. Yay.

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k- said...

Here's to hoping! I'm so glad you're on the home stretch. Keep it up!