Wednesday, June 21, 2006

my anger issues

I don’t know why I’m so blasted annoyed by what is currently annoying me.

I got roped into participating in a musical farewell performance for my boss, who is leaving ASU to be UNR’s president. Fine. But most of the people singing can’t stay on key. Especially the people who are musical performers and think they’re really good at singing.

I know I’m not the best singer, and I know that I don’t always sing on key, but the difference is, I know EXACTLY when I’m not singing on key. They don’t.

So we were practicing this song and everybody got flat. Flat enough that suddenly I was singing the song one note higher than everybody else. And everyone thinks it’s me who got off key. And I’m just annoyed because there’s nothing I hate worse than listening to a performance where the singers change key.

That’s what will happen to us on Monday when we perform for our boss and the whole office. Why do I care? Why am I getting so mad I can almost feel steam coming out my ears?

I don’t know really know…


jay said...

just be glad that i'm not there. i barely even know what 'key' means when it comes to my own singing.

Speak said...

Recently I got together with a co-worker to play guitars, and we were doing some Beatles stuff, and he was a really good guitar player, but then he started singing... augh... he wonders why we havent got together since. I mean... he really thinks he can sing, and he can't. That is annoying

east of eden said...

Holli, can I relate. When I was growing up there was the girl in my ward, who's singing abilites everyone raved about. We always managed to sing together for programs. She could not carry a tune in a bucket, and here was me in tune, on beat going crazy because she could not even hit a B flat.

You should just lip sinc and hope Simon Cowell does not show up.

No really, are you singing acapella or with a piano? If you have a pitch pipe play the base note of the last chord and show them how off tune they all are.

k- said...

Times like those, I become grateful for that deaf ear. I usually tell people that sing worse then me (a feat) that I'm half deaf and want to hear them better. Then I stick them on the deaf side. It's devious but works every time.