Tuesday, June 06, 2006

random thoughts from a temporary junkie

Still feeling like the world caved in on my head, in case anyone wondered. Withdrawal not over yet. I'm resisting the urge to reach into my purse for another fix...

I stubbed one of my toes so hard on Sunday, and I yelled so loud that I think John thought imminent destruction was upon me. Luckily, the only destruction was my toe, and it is now purple. The worst part is it forced me to do DDR in beginner mode.

The good news is, beginner mode is no longer a good workout for me. I am getting in shape! Yes!

My DDR obsession being temporarily obstructed, John and I have found a new obsession to keep us occupied: Lost. Yes, I know, that was so two years ago. But guess what? It's really good...so good that we say we'll watch just one episode in an evening and we end up watching three or four.

An episode we watched last night featured a junkie coming down from his drugs. Oh did I ever relate. Sadly. (And in case you don't know, I'm not a drug addict. I was simply given a terrible medication by my doctor, requiring me to suffer for weeks on end as I cease taking it anymore. Okay, that's out of the way. I didn't want you to come away from this entry thinking that I am an addict. If I were an addict, then I'd probably deserve to feel like this. Instead, I am devising ways that I can make the executives of the pharmaceutical company feel like this. They're the evil ones who marketed this 'safe' medication and deserve to suffer in horrible ways for it. Grrrrr. That was a growl. And this is the longest parenthetical reference ever.)

I am not a TV watcher, I swear, but Lost has convinced me that there's actually good TV out there. Unlike The Apprentice, which I sort of watched last night. I still don't understand why I got hooked to that, but now it's over! I don't have to watch anymore!!!

And with that, I'm out of here. I've rambled enough.


billie said...

I'm not much of a tv watcher myself (my favorites include the antiques roadshow, jeopardy, and wheel of fortune -- yes I'm an old woman.) But at the beginning of season 2 we also got hooked on LOST. I understand the watching 3 or 4 episodes in one night. We did it a lot as we watched season 1. It severely disturbed our sleep patterns. It's such an intruiging show.

jay said...


holli jo said...

Yeah, guys -- what were we waiting for? Why didn't you guys spread the news?!!