Monday, June 19, 2006

stop the insanity

Do you ever want to tell someone about a funny story you heard, and then you realize it was something you read on somebody's blog, and you don't even know the person? That's when you know you need to get a life.


Susan M said...

I do this ALL the time. My husband's used to it. So are my kids. I've even born my testimony in church and mentioned stuff about people I only know via the internet.

holli jo said...

I do it too, but I never know what to say. "This person I sort of know..."

I like that you embrace it, Susan. I hide my 'Internet friends' thing, because I don't want people to think I'm weird.

And you're probably one I've mentioned before!

kimbo said...

oh my gosh! my husband was laughing the other day about how much interest i invest in so many peoples' lives that i don't even know...and some don't even know that i read their stuff all the time! i'm a closet internet junkie i guess. :)

Steve said...

I am the exact same way. Late at night or while at work, I find myself prying my nose into someone's blog and reading all about the intracacies of someone's day whom I do not even know! Oh well, sometimes I am a glutton for someone else's laundry.